My Story


I made my first decorative cakes for my children’s birthdays and discovered that I can bake and design works of art, all in one creation. I had a blast pulling ideas from their favorite colors, interests and personalities, and designing a cake that represented who they were. I’ll never forget the look on their faces when I presented their cakes… their eyes got big, the eyebrows rose up as the jaw hit the floor, followed by squeals of delight. I tell you… it is for that moment, why I do what I do.

I fell in love with the joy I get from creating a personalized cake and a work of art that I crafted with my own hands. I love to see how a vision in my head, blended with inspirational elements and personal touches, comes to life through a customized work of art for others to enjoy. My cakes are my canvas. I put every ounce of passion, heart and soul into each and every cake I create.

I fell in love with cake designing.

…. and Sweet and Swanky Cakes was born.